Sample Budget Worksheet - soon!

I had to create this since Bill was the one who paid the monthly bills.

Files coming soon.

The last weekend book - Now available!

The Last Weekend: A Story of Love, Loss, and Hope

An excerpt from upcoming book:  

Death brings with it two different walls. If you say you are a widow/widower, be prepared for the first wall to come down and people to shy away from you. You start to feel like you have an infectious disease. No one wants to experience any part of your sadness. I do understand this part of humanity. People will do their best to change the subject as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this is a normal reaction for many people. This action hurts the first few times it happens. But by month two, it will be normal, and you'll become used to this reaction. I wished for a different word to use for my situation. Widow is a harsh word for people. It's like saying "anthrax" to scare someone.

The second wall is the one that you may create for yourself. Your wall of solitude--Superman's Fortress of Solitude. You may not want to deal with people, even close friends. Even though your friends want to help you, you may not even know how to tell them you need help. You don't know what you need  or want. Widow fog

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Widowhood, not the club I wanted to belong to! Want to know how I made it through the first thirteen months of my new life?

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