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The Last Weekend - A Story of Love, Loss, and Hope

Sherry J., 5/27/2019

"...I read from cover to cover the book written by C. B. Schneider, "The Last Weekend - A Story of Love, Loss, and Hope." Not going to lie, I cried several times...I could hear parts of this book in Chris' own voice and could hear Bill's laughter from the past and times at The Palmer House. 

This book is a gift and I recommend everyone get a copy and read it. Whether you are married, in a relationship, or single; this needs to be read. Being on my own with no significant other or spouse, it made me realize that if anything happens to me, there is no one - NO ONE that has any of my passwords, knows any of my accounts, or has access to anything in my life to be able to close the book once I pass.  After reading this book, I'm now going to take measures to make sure that this information is documented for when the time comes. It won't be hard to get a small address book that can be updated easily and enter the information pertinent in my life. 

How else will anyone ever know how to shut down my electricity, my automatic payments, my car payment, my subscription accounts, my Facebook? It's all in my head. How will they know what special items I would like to pass on to family and friends? It's all in my head. I've always mentioned that I have had my music and sayings picked out for my funeral, but if no one knows where to look for it, how will they ever know how to plan? Some people are afraid to talk about death, but it's inevitable and more often than not, unexpected. Take the time to talk about it, talk to your spouse, your significant other, your family. 

Thank you, Chris, and Bill, for writing this book. Love you both!